the drake equation - [ecf]

by this morn' omina

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released August 15, 2004

"the drake equation [ecf] is a stand-alone release, it is not part of the nyan trilogy or a precursor to the next part of this trilogy nor is it a series. this release shows how the mind can wander off to other (uncharted) territories while time passes by. therefore when this concept reared its head it had to be completed and explored first.

the parameters of the equation are linked to the track indexes but they should not be considered as song-titles. they are related to the definitions of the equation but are not strict representations of them.

the drake equation is the basis of mankind turning its 'listening ear' towards the universe. similarly, these recordings are the 'listening ear' toward locational distance and the temporal sonic future of this morn' omina. several new elements have been added to the recording process; the most noticeable is the use of live percussion as the basis and the finishing of each track. here sal-ocin (empusae) has been an integral and essential part of the recording and creational process.

the drake equation [ecf] is a first step forward toward a new future of this morn' omina.
the next releases will bear the mark which has been set here but in different and evolved forms.

new listeners and fellow-travellers in the tmo-universe, who have grown exponentially in number during the course of the last two years, are warmly welcomed to this new stage in the journey. enjoy the voyage!"

(mika / this morn' omina)

what can the listener expect? between the intro and the outro tracks, the direction is set: rhythmic powerplay, from slow percussion backings to hard-driving fast drum beats. both tribal and techno influences are - once more - beautifully combined and fused into one dense, entraining sound. 'the drake equation [ecf]' is a great addition to the t.m.o. discography and it will shorten the wait for the next full length album in 2005.

"in the silence of dead monitors, the hardcopy hums into trays, signal after signal from the chaos, the various voices are collected, and after the final signal, one can listen and wait for the encoded call of the void..."

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