industrial owes us money

by hypnoskull

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real bad 05:13


concept by hypnoskull:
call me every name in the book. but don't count me into your carefully selected circle of so called 'fellow brothers and sisters'. subcultural lil' copies of the regular society which is out there. we die alone. and death is certain. don't regard my temporary presence to your group as some declaration. it is just a lucky or unlucky coincidence in space and time. i do what i am supposed to do? forget it. no one knows, not even myself. if your life is a movie i am playing a minor yet crucial part in it. passing into your screen for 23 seconds maximum. leaving nothing more but a short impression which will live under your skin and eventually will come out again like that alien in this movie which crawls out of someone's chest. i am not a messenger. don't expect my view on global warming. don't ask me to judge. do not expect anything. i pass by in these 23 seconds like some drive-by shooter. fast. violent. out of the blue. unexpected. my bullets don't kill though. they mark you. or don't. if they don't, i will be some footnote you will remember as some weird character of a freakshow. if they do, i will be influencing your mind forever with fake images of aesthetics, anti-fashionable audio combinations just made to provoke you. i will make you doubt about your own self. you will never be the same. you will question the next fashion someone will try to lay upon you. you will see that your lil' world is full of posers. fucking posers. artists that live for one season only. hypes so big they die in the timespan of one of your own breathings. breath deep and slow. cash is the new god. money piles up so fast we need wings to stay above it. everybody who makes it wants to double it. you are only allowed into a group when you show enough of it. or pose enough that you have enough of it. the new reference. measured in piles. goods. 'style'. your new religion. 323 questions to ask a hypnoskull, and here are just 3 of them: "do you have enough to be part of my scene ?" and yeah, this one also: "what is your value?", and the main one: "how much am i worth for you?". industrial owes us money. word.

guten abend meine damen und herren, are you ready for hypnoskull? like a brick thrown into your intestines, p.stevens and collaborators ask for attention - whether you like it or not. this mash-up of ultra-fast breaks, straight hard-driving rhythms, oscillating sub-bass, heavy distortion, explicit lyrics, and sampled media madness perfectly displays hypno's perception as it is today. all this combined with his characteristic 'e-punk' attitude (clearly demonstrated in the cover of the dead kennedys classic 'california über alles') and at the same time he offers a blueprint of what rhythmic noise can be today (dying circuit assaults v1), this album makes damn sure patrick and his 21st century rat pack will get the earnings they deserve - whether money or something different. play loud!!!

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ant-zen act205


released October 21, 2008


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ant-zen Lappersdorf, Germany

ant-zen audio and visual arts is a german independent record label founded in 1993.

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