ni prédateur ni proie

by von magnet

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von magnet dreams of the existence of other possible paths; thin and minute. those tightrope walking paths almost invisible. bouncing in between two perils, two poles, above empires, across frames, which can slip through the breaches of any walls. that is the story of this album. when rage is accompanied by tears. this album is our reaction facing the brutal reality of our world today. a world under pressure where all is put into opposition, where everything would like to divide us and where we are being arbitrarily dictated the absolute necessity of a choice. but with "ni prédateur ni proie" (neither predator nor prey) we will not choose our side.
there between partial / impartial, north / south, subjective / objective, orient / occident, coward / hero, poor / rich, indifferent / partisan … we will remain bare handed, like astonished and turbulent children dancing on a mine field. we will just stare at you, we will fall into rage and boil into tears. within this emotional turmoil, flore magnet and the turkish actress esra bezen bilgin replace women where they are never welcome. women of multiplicity, violence, engagement and resistance. phil von gives way to the voices of the rom kids of mostar and the jewish and palestinian actors from amos gitai and hany abu-assad movies.
at their side, def sharpens his analogue bass lines and darkens atmospherical ambiances which often feel like "war". scattered explosions, shots, crackles, complaints or laments. only our guest, kurdish sufi musician mübin dunen softens the crawling tension. his ney bringing our clamour down to a silent light thread. now von magnet signs a harsh, raw, urgent and poetical piece, mixed and produced flawlessly by master norscq. another dary fusion which binds classical music flavours with oriental rhythms, tribal percussions within neo industrial electronic soundscapes. here orient is not any more sensual and phantasmagoric, it is rigid and almost cold. here occident is no more sparkling and victorious, it is sad and decadent. nevertheless "neither predator nor prey" is the length of rope which suddenly ties them up, confronting our hearts to dive close to the abyss.

official biography:
the group/troupe von magnet distinguishes itself by a most artistical strange past/path. at first extremely active on the london club scene (1985 / 1989), then courted by the british avant-garde, they ended up attracting the attention of the post-industrial circuit in northern europe where they tour regularly. in 1987 with the first mythical album "el sexo surrealista" produced by ken thomas (psychic t.v, test dept., 23 skidoo, sugarcubes, wire, dave gahan, sigur ros ...) they invent their own and genuine "electroflamenco" style where feet stamping, poetry, flamenco guitars and dances confront with samplers and computers invited twice by the transmusicales of rennes, holland´s tegen tonen, main feature act in city festivals (brussels, den haag, lille, coimbra, barcelona ...), occasionnally trouble makers during party club nights, site-specific installationists transforming disused churches, slaughterhouses, hospitals, car or boat factories, ethnic techno dissidents in rock venues or even mutant guests at various performances and happenings (art galleries, t.v shows, street/open air festivals - portugal / turkey / morocco / france -, openings, opera ballets - berlin / kiel -, etc), von magnet adapt to every situation. from dramatical urban rituals and poignant futuristic flamenco interpretation to the most baffling scenographies and stagings, von magnet convey, with all the necessary rage, their spellbinding musical and electronically experimental shows. based successively in barcelona, rennes, amsterdam, lille, berlin & paris, for each project gathering different creative teams and mixed peculiar tribes of performers, visual artists, dancers, musicians, designers or sculptors, von magnet is indeed one of the cybergypsy pionners of euroculture. in 2005/2006 for their tenth album & performance "de l'aimant", the "magnetic team", phil von + flore magnet + mimetic relaunched their own odd fusion… flamenco inspiration gathering with futuristic electromantism, introducing live two new flamenco artists : guitar player sabine van den oever & dancer yana maizel. 2007 witnesses a brand new experimental stage experience with the dary theatrical piece : "ni prédateur ni proie / neither predator nor prey".

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ant-zen act220


released September 8, 2008

released in collaboration with jarring effects


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