immer wieder nein

by hypnoskull

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black db 03:31
niedergang 04:53
benares song 02:25


sonic explorations into the rich tapestry of electronic music aside, resistance and challenge have always been hypnoskull's primary statements of purpose, and examining these themes in attendant texts and song lyrics has been, and always will be of the utmost importance to patrick stevens. this work. 'immer wieder nein', his ninth album on ant-zen, is no exception! presenting a highly explosive assemblage of aurally conveyed anger and thought-provoking impulses, a barrage of fierce and violent loops originating from harsh electronics and rhythmic noise backed up with distorted techno beats, this release moves the listener into a state of hypnosis, making them receptive to the lyrics of the closing three tracks. well-known german poet and playwright bertolt brecht inspired hypnoskull to make radical re-interpretations of his works 'gegen verführung' (against seducement), 'benares song' and 'seeräuber jenny' - lyrics about devastation, seeking bloody revenge, and opposition which haven't lost their relevance in the last hundred years. it is important to say 'no' time after time, again and again - join the chant: immer wieder nein!

a statement from hypnoskull:
'immer wieder nein' sagen. saying 'no', time after time, again and again. to question everything. to never accept all you read, because it was written. deconstructing authority.'immer wieder nein' to the never ending and mind eating streams of disinformation. to the propaganda in the disguise of clickbait. to the political communication which pretends to be non-political and based upon ‘facts’. to the ‘truths’ presented to us on a daily basis. to the ‘truths’ that pretend to have no reason except for being ‘truths’. 'immer wieder nein' to the reactions of the masses, the mainstream, the ‘people’ - because ‘the people’ only seem to repeat the press releases which were taken over by their media and written by the spokesmen of those who very soon don’t even have to hide their hidden agenda any longer. 'no' to those who pretend nothing is wrong. 'nein' to those who pretend it’s the end of humanity. 'immer wieder nein' to the violence executed on a daily basis in order to get a select group of people in charge - or keep them in charge. 'immer wieder nein' to the new sectarians of rationalism. 'immer wieder nein' to the new church of emotionalism. lord, give us our daily bloody event so we have an opportunity to rant. to take a side. to choose a camp. and the one who will be the outsider, because he doesn’t want, or can’t make a ‘choice’ will be the one we will spit at. 'immer wieder nein' to those who believe they can question a written word because it doesn’t serve their cause. or because it describes openly their deepest desires which they have to keep secret and hidden cause their surroundings won’t accept. 'immer wieder nein' to the web of lies people choose to live in. 'immer wieder nein' to the pre-programmed sets of ‘moral’ standards, for centuries the perfect tool of suppression and censorship. 'immer wieder nein' to institutionalised power and force - it was and is, and always will be abused by those who control it. 'immer wieder nein' to those who don’t want you to look back and remind them about the times when ‘we’ lost all control. keep reminding them. 'immer wieder nein' to those who reduce humans to ‘capital’ cause they are the ones who reduce you to a figure in an efficiency spreadsheet. the spreadsheet was never, is not and never will be the poetry which we all need when true darkness hits our existential cores. 'immer wieder nein' to those who reduce art to a playground only for the chosen few. 'no' to those who believe ‘positivity’ will conquer all. keep watching aside. 'no' to those who desperately try to erase all dangers in life - their fight against death can’t be won. never. ever. 'immer wieder nein' to those who steal from all of us - who steal our possibilities, our freedoms, our opportunities, in a worldwide mantra with only one sentence : ‘we all have to make sacrifices to maintain our security’. 'immer wieder nein' to 'nein' itself. it only takes one 'yes' to balance out the 'no'. which part in 'no' you didn’t understand again?

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released June 17, 2016

'immer wieder nein' recorded 2015-2016 at cl²³, belgium by hypnoskull.

vocals on 'who' by dirty gutter.
additional vocals and instruments by michiel de malsche.

vocals on 'seeräuber jenny' by nona gogol gonzales,
violin by michiel de malsche.

additional scoring recorded at pokka studio, zwolle, the netherlands.
mastering by kubus at kubus-biets, zwolle, the netherlands.
painting by ira a. goryainova (2016): paul samson-körner and bertolt brecht (1926).
layout by stefan alt.


all rights reserved



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ant-zen audio and visual arts is a german independent record label founded in 1993.

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