the andronechron incident

by black lung / xingu hill

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never screened outside of italy, the andronechron incident, is an oddity even in the singularly odd genre (experimental european science-fiction) to which it clearly belongs. more arthouse, perhaps even surrealist cinema than spaceflight saga it juxtaposes minimal dialogue against startling visuals and an, at times, jarring soundtrack. one apparently normal morning the world awakens to the sight of large egg-like structures randomly appearing across our oceans. various news items report the global reaction and inform us shortly of further unusual events. hours after the first sightings a multitude of organic and non-organic objects sprout mechanical attachments and appear to grow in cyborg-like fashion. in one of the truly great moments of science-fiction cinema the camera circles above a provincial family as they attempt at first to eat, and then at least to subdue their breakfast, while it somewhat unnervingly sprouts mechanized legs, arms and other limbs. our heroes of the piece, a group of dishevelled latino and germanic scientists, enter the fray with darkly comic and largely irrelevant results. the mysterious “infection” travels unimpeded to its bizarre and notably unpredictable conclusion. like its predecessors alphaville and 12 monkeys, the andronechron incident is stripped back, satirical and uneasy science-fiction storytelling at it’s best. and like many of its illustrious predecessors it had a troubled birth. coming at a time when it’s major financier faced severe cash-flow difficulties (and eventual bankruptcy) the film received marginal promotion upon its release and never secured the international distribution it’s evident quality so clearly deserved. glowing reviews only forestalled the inevitable, after a few months the film’s theatrical run came to an end and it soon vanished to the contractual limbo reserved for productions (like orson welles’ “sealocked”) whose owners are hopelessly insolvent. today the only evidence we have is the soundtrack album you hold. a towering composition in acoustic and electronic tones that thankfully has been rescued from the vault. tim j. lukas (the independent cinema review)

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released May 9, 2002

original motion picture soundtrack performed by black lung and xingu hill.
original soundtrack selections from the l’ultimo pictures international motion picture
executive producer: ornella gastoni.
recorded and mixed at forum studios roma.
all titles composed by david thrussell and john n. sellekaers(festival music/control) except 1. composed by thrussell/sellekaers/moreau/c-drik(festival music/control).
ristampa selezionata e prodotto da i.m.c.c quality products/ant-zen.
concetto e grafica di copertina da salt.
masterizzato ed editato alla metarc.

un film prodotto l’ultimo pictures international. il andronechron incidente. con massimo randone turi colizzi. e con theodore martin petra cavani nino pinelli. distribuito da tca. tratto dal libro inchiesta di franco scotti. montaggi di giulio baragli. direttore della fotografia claudio scattini. narrazione di enrico marcuzzo. sceneggiatura di alfio moscati. musica di black lung e xingu hill. regia di giovanni guardi.


all rights reserved



ant-zen Lappersdorf, Germany

ant-zen audio and visual arts is a german independent record label founded in 1993.

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